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My Top200 RSS info sources for ethical activism and global research

bizarroworldThis post is for all divergent thinkers, critical thinkers, researchers, writers, ethical activists, ‘curious cats’ and pretty much anyone else interested in trying to find out what’s actually going on in this profitdriven Bizarro World we live in…I’m writing this as part of my “how-to” practical tutorial series and it focuses on the Top200 RSS information sources I’m actively using to keep up to date with the global agenda and with local developments in Roumania, Europe and the world. Please note that unless you’re a researcher, you most likely don’t need all of these sources for a “normal” periodical update, therefore feel free to select only the sources you like/require. The reason why I’m using so many sources is because for the last 5 months I’ve been working on/off on an independent (secondary) research project. Since “all the easy problems have already been solved”, I decided to try and compile a map and a report on: Highly Dangerous Global Trends & Risks to humanity. I self-started this personal project in 2014 and my goal was (and is) to:

  1. Analyse public data & media info which may be related to major threats to the well-being of people living on Earth, with a focus on Europe, particularly Roumania and Eastern Europe;
  2. Identify dangerous trends, sort and rank the main threats in the following categories: Environment, Human Society, Economy, Geo-politics and Technology;
  3. Attempt to produce accurate ethical insights which reflect the real truth, and not some profit-driven agenda (e.g. corporate/academic/governmental/private-driven agenda);
  4. Suggest viable ethical solutions using my existing and newly gained knowledge.

Therefore, in the last 5 months I read a fair amount of info from multiple sources (many of them didn’t actually make this list because of their too strong bias), and what you see below is my curated list of balanced-bias information sources. While my self-driven purpose is to find as much factual information as possible about what’s really going on, I’m well aware that the complexity is enormous and I can only cover a tiny percentage. However, based on my progress to date, I think I’m on the right track, so with a bit of luck I’m hoping to publish my first draft with my findings in the next couple of weeks.

Now to get to the “how-to” part, please note that all the web-links below are for an RSS news aggregator. (i.e. Firefox’s Live Bookmarks or Thunderbird or Liferea). For a comparison between the available RSS news aggregators please see this Wiki page. And if you’ve never used RSS feeds, then you may want to see this short tutorial for Thunderbird. (the principle is the same for all aggregators). So why am I using RSS? At first because RSS is the most efficient way to quickly go through 100s of articles per hour, and considering my goal and scope, time is of the essence. For those who are not familiar with news aggregators, please see the RSS benefits listed below (and for more info visit tutorialspoint):

  • Save time by not visiting each site individually.
  • Control the flow and quality of information you receive.
  • View and scan multiple content streams simultaneously.
  • Ensure your privacy by preventing the need to join each site’s e-mail newsletter.
  • Obtain fresh content automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Avoid missing information if you forget to check a certain site.
  • No ads (a well-configured hosts file helps. alt1; alt2).
  • All news sources in one place. For example:

Liferea_ovi So now without further ado, my Top200 RSS info sources for ethical activism and global research are:

==== RSS ROMANIA ====

(all in Roumanian, for English sources just scroll down)

Surse Principale

Mass Media Romania

Economia Romana

==== RSS EUROPE (All in English) ====

EU info sources

==== RSS WORLD ====

Earth and Environment

Essential Sources

Human Rights

Independent Info Sources

Economy and Business

Research Centres

Global Mass Media

Tech and Science

Health and Nutrition

Knowledge and Development

Prepping and Survival

Fun stuff


Aye! arrr.. 😀

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Open data, Open-Source and SPI for Irish SMEs

Counties of Ireland numbered.

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[posted by me 2 months ago on the Dublin Chamber of Commerce forum]

Open-source can play a very significant role in Ireland’s future and its good to know that some of you are interested in technological benefits that move things forward for the whole country, not only for an individual or a company.

An introduction to Open Data. The main goal of the project is to make it easy for people to have access to Irish government data via an innovative platform that takes a grassroots approach to get people involved in achieving a more transparent and accountable government in Ireland.  The project aims to do this by helping Irish citizens to get access to high value, machine readable data sets that have been created by the Irish government sector authorities in the normal course of their business. By having this data available in a meaningful form we can help enhance government services and open up accountability.
The Irish government, like many governments, has been a little slow in coming forward and fully embracing the idea of transparency. Rather than waiting to see what happens, the members of Open Data have taken the initiative and decided to demonstrate the virtues of open data and the great applications that can be built using readily available technologies.

Open Data will be of massive benefits to so many Irish citizens and companies alike but from my perspective, I’ll be extremely happy to gain free access to it as well. As some of you might know, I’m building a national multi-modal multi-platform public transport information system and I will release it for free to the whole country. It will route (with turn by turn directions) from any national point A to any point B only by using public transport. Its part of my final year project in DCU and I know it will help move things forward in the right direction. At least for the public transport infrastructure. This should be one of the most important goals right now, especially for the leading multinationals and the Irish Government: do whats necessary to move things forward for everyone.

Earlier today I finished writing a very short research paper on Software Process Improvement models and the suitability of a process quality model like CMMI or ISO/IEC 29110 in the Irish SME and VSE environment. Please allow me to share some of my findings with you.

Kevin Ryan, from (The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre) wrote the following in the IEEE Computer Society journal no.6/2008: “Information and communication technologies, particularly software, play a crucial role in the Republic of Ireland’s remarkable economic growth. The Industrial Development Authority states that nine of the world’s top 10 software companies have significant operations in Ireland, making it the largest exporter of software in the world. In 2007, Ireland exported €50 billion worth of ICT products and services. Forty percent of the packaged software and 60 percent of the business software sold in Europe originated from Ireland. ” But that was in 2007.

The downturn in the economy has changed things quite a bit since then though. Further research has showed that Ireland completely lacks a software quality culture. And without sustainable quality in any industry, a company cannot survive long past its innovative starting point or past an economic boom. The current recession clearly proved that no matter how technological innovative a company might be, if its not constantly quality compliant, then soon enough will become a not-existing entity.

SMEs are central to the Irish economy and the software development VSEs play a major role in Ireland’s economic growth. The majority of people, but especially the decision makers from all industries – the managers and CXOs, really need to let go of the old ways and understand the benefits and advantages of using (the right) Technologies that will move things forward, will bring significant ROI to their companies, and subsequently to the country! The Irish government needs to acknowledge this and do everything they can to help them have the right resources so they can help the country. Ireland has no other major industry (that I know of), to bring significant revenue, so what other way is this country going to get out of the major debt is into now? I’m happy to hear ideas, maybe we’ll even gather enough to make a difference!

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New theme + 2011 updates

I can’t believe its been a year since I created my blog…and in all this time I only wrote 2 posts! Well there is a good explanation for that and I will give details below but one of the reasons, I must admit, was my own neglectfulness for blogging.  Anyway, starting with last month, my blog has a new theme, some new widgets and soon will also have lots of info about what happened in the last year.

Well for the past year I’ve been busy making a living, working on various projects and struggling to keep up with my CAIS degree at DCU. I managed to achieve some cool things though and to mention a few:

  • – gained new customers & partners, enhanced relationships with the existing ones;
  • Got a 1.1 in my 3rd year Android project @DCU, finished 3rd year with a 2.1 mark
  • Bought a car that wasn’t even road worthy, rebuilt it and now, almost a year later still runs like new
  • Worked all summer for Visual Network Systems, became proficient in virtualizaiton with VMware products, mainly ESXi 4, had some awesome fun with the VNS Dublin team
  • – my challenging Final year project @DCU for which I got a 1.1 mark
  • I can’t remember what else, if you wanna find out more, feel free to check my Uaneen portfolio with all the academic, professional and personal activities for the past 4 years.

Well that’s about it for now. Will update the other sections in the next few days and then I’ll finally be up to date with my blog…I’m more of a doer than a writer but I’m trying to improve on the latter considering I’m planning to write a book at some stage in my life so got to start “training” somewhere 🙂

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