Imagination is more important than Knowledge [P1]

29 Dec

bruceConfucius, Tesla, Einstein and multiple other great thinkers of our human history have made wise statements along the lines of “imagination (and/or dreaming) is just as (or more) important than knowledge”. George Bernard Shaw wrote:You see things and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were and I say, ‘Why not!?'” My take on this innovative way of thinking is that imagination and the focused individual power to dream are a lot more important than the 3rd party potentially factual data/info we learn from others. These 3rd party “facts” are based on other people’s ability to absorb, record & understand the actual facts which may or may not have been experienced 1st hand by their own senses. Either way, by the time our own (n’th party) senses absorb them, these potential facts are already part of the (limited) accessible records of the past. What I’m trying to write is that unless we experience things 1st hand, the data/info we learn as facts is only a glimpse of what actually happened, and before this data info reaches our senses is first filtered by:

  1. the senses of the individual(s) who witness/create an event,
  2. then it is filtered by the individual(s)’ prism of understanding and ability to process that data/info,
  3. then it is filtered by the individual(s)’ personal interest(s),
  4. then by the interest(s) of the people the individual(s) report to,
  5. then by the interest(s) of the social/political/financial/cultural/psychological/etc environment the individual(s) belong to,
  6. then among various other filters on this chain, the data is also filtered by the individual(s)’ own ability to translate into accurate language that factual experience,
  7. and definitely not the final filter on this chain, the “facts” are also filtered by all the people on the chain who handle and translate this data/information. And if we’re not the ones witnessing/creating the fact, all the above and more happens before the “factual” data info reaches our senses.

Therefore understanding and experiencing 3rd party “facts” is not like when you put a finger in the a glass of water to decide if the water is hot or cold. Despite the fact that you only make that measurement with a finger, a tiny part of yourself which you put into the vessel, when you bring it back out, your whole body gains all the real experiences your finger had. In such a personal experience, there isn’t a “Chinese whispers chain”, there is no middle-ware, there are no other interests to stop you from understanding the real truth about what you’re learning or trying to find out. So at the end of the experience you may conclude that you know the truth.

However, while I imagine a way this may be made possible, in our current state of consciousness we cannot all experience all the facts across time and space, can we? Since the answer is clearly no, then how can we learn what’s really true and what’s not? And what’s most dangerous, how can we learn that what’s presented to our senses is not only, lets say, 90% true? Because this manipulatory informational model which uses the small change in truth to fulfil/protect an agenda, can take us to the edge of a cliff and beyond with our very own permission and desire, and it can actually convince us to be proud of what we’re doing (in today’s bamboozled world there are countless examples). In psychology (and business) this is called “Psychological Manipulation” and I highly recommend everyone to read at least the wiki page on this subject and find out how manipulators control their “happy” victims. If you don’t like reading and prefer video, then here is a 3min video to introduce you to 7 sneaky secrets of mind manipulators. And now that you are informed of such unethical techniques used by intelligent and dangerous psychopaths & sociopaths, please watch the following 3min video to understand the impact we had on this planet while “happily” following the orders of unethical manipulators, and in the paragraphs below we will pick up from the end of the video and start talking about (hopefully) a brighter future:

 “Those who don’t understand the past are doomed to repeat it.” 

OK, so after watching the MAN video, things may seem pretty self explanatory as everyone with a brain and a heart would now be looking into the proverbial mirror. One may conclude that we, humans are indeed 100% guilty of purposefully destroying this planet in our crave for domination, economic/tech growth and personal comfort and we were able to do it because we were lucky enough to be on top of the food chain. In our self-destructive cancerous model, we humans seem to be the cancerous cells which keep eating away at the body that gave us life, that feeds us and sustains us, while having utter disregard for the body (Earth) because we consume it to the death which implicitly also means the death of us. Now this is a painfully harsh conclusion based on the apparent reality, but is it true??

thinkThis is the core point of my post but since things may not be what they seem, in my quest for truthful knowledge I will try to prove that humans couldn’t have done this without manipulatory influences, because humans are born empathic and moral, its in our genes. So given the fact that we all have a good heart +I feel it and you feel it+, when we compare this fact with what humans have done and what we’re still doing, it just doesn’t makes sense!! How and when do we turn bad/unethical? Well since the answers I found may be impossible to prove (for now), I want to set a disclaimer before I go further.

As I mentioned in some of my previous posts on this blog and on my G+ (which is my lazy blog replacement where I share quick thoughts when I don’t find the time to write a proper blog post here), I am not a scientist and as a matter of fact, I’m not an expert in anything. I am just a curious observer which most of the time can’t even make sense of his own life, nevermind the reasoning for destructive history of the whole of humanity challenged here. However, I am looking for different views than my observations and I’m more than happy to learn from your feedback. Whatever you may think/feel, do contact me and express your views as even if “I may not agree with what you have to say, I’ll defend to the death your right to say it!” Now with this out of the way, I’d like to disclose some personal feelings and beliefs before we start an exploratory mind-expanding imagination game:

[The following statements are part of an imaginative game and intended to be completely neutral to all human religions & belief systems]
  • I believe that we -humanity- require a major paradigm shift to spiral out of the circle of madness repeated by our ancestors like the Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Turks, Slavs, Russian, Spanish, French, English and Germans among many others;
  • I believe that Einstein was only 1/2 right in saying “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”, because WWIII may be much closer than we think (I’m preparing another post on the risks and threats to us in 2015 and beyond, and this post will deal with WWIII scenario) and I believe that if we complete the current circle of destruction we will wipe ourselves out for good and there won’t be a WWIV.
  • We live at a crucial stage for humanity and given our potentially unprecedented destruction power, if we want to protect our future I believe that we need to unite our collective hearts and brains in a sync so we can focus on the right ethical direction for humanity.

    I believe

    Consciousness and worldly delusions

  • I believe that we must awaken our consciousness and at the same time, do the right things:
    • for us as individuals,
    • for our human brothers and sisters,
    • for the planet’s environment. And most important, all 3 conditions need to be satisfied at the same time, in all plans, in all our actions, or else there won’t be anyone left to imagine or create better.
  • Finally, in my quest for knowledge about our origins and how humanity got here (point in time and space) I conclude that despite millennia of genocide and systematic killings of humans vs humans, and despite our differences (i.e. gender, demographics, religions etc), there are A LOT more things that unite us than things that divide us and what we’ve done and keep doing is against our human nature. Therefore it is paramount we learn how to understand the truth about what’s happening with us and in order to do so we need to use more our imagination than our manipulated knowledge to do so.

My proposed imagination game is not based on what we know today as general facts, but on one of the oldest “fairy tales” known to man and using this myth as a model, I will try to unlock my own mind and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Given the bamboozle in our current digital world, I propose that we don’t use the (lack of) facts (not) presented by the current system, and instead rely on the power of our individual intuition, our critical thinking ability and most of all on our imagination. To kick it off I’m starting with the following premises:

Let us imagine…that the dearest, the absolute most important and priceless “things” that a human being can ever possess are:

  • 1. “One’s Mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
  • To be continued in part 2… 🙂
You are

YOU are.



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5 responses to “Imagination is more important than Knowledge [P1]

  1. James McSherry

    June 23, 2016 at 21:12

    Interesting article. Firstly, I agree that imagination is more important than knowledge, although knowledge is an important grounding force for imagination as I think it gives the imagination some context. Imagination, reason, and logic are all kind of related to knowledge in that knowledge is what can power their direction. Imagination without the context of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Imagination without ethics can be dangerous too.

    Imagination is a bit like a geometric structure that we can create in our heads, it is is made up of things we know and can see in the real world. Sometimes these two or more things combine to make up a third, new piece. I suppose where I am getting to with this is that knowledge is kind of linear and direct, where imagination is lateral and integrative. 2D vs 3D. I think comparing knowledge and imagination is probably a bit like comparing ingredients with a chef’s master meal. They are related, but only through a process. The process for imagination and knowledge is consciousness I think.

    I profoundly agree with the idea that we need a major paradigm shift, but how to achieve it? We are like a planet of easter Islanders, and we are chopping down the last of our trees. We have no more chances left and we are squandering future generations quality of life on a blinkered scramble to the edge of the cliff, all the while warning ourselves about the edge.

    • Ovi

      June 24, 2016 at 22:52

      Thank you James. The title of my article is actually a metaphor..I didn’t know (and still don’t) how to explain some of the things that just pop into my mind, but nevertheless I wanted to share them. And the compromise I made was to invite my readers into the land of imagination so I can explain there a fragment of this reality perceived by me here.

      While I generally agree with you that knowledge drives imagination in iterations, for me at the beginning it was the other way around. When I was just a kid, I imagined all sorts of in/out of this world adventures (based on the elements of this world, the cartoons I saw on tv, the things I heard people talk etc) and as I grew up and learned to read, I started buying books to try to understand what/where was my mind wondering. As my logical side developed, I wanted to rationalise all the silly images and conclusions that my mind was somehow automatically coming up with. To date I understood some of the processes of imagination but tbh I have more questions than answers. So in the end I just let it happen and enjoy the experience of imagination. Now because of this personal experience, I subjectively conclude that imagination is actually more important, because it drives curiosity which in turn helps us accumulate knowledge. 🙂

      In regards to the paradigm shift concept, yes I agree, it is required. However if you look into the real history of humanity, you will see that it was always required. For as long as known (to me) records go, our species has been enslaved one way or another, and our access to the knowledge of our real reality was suppressed using inhumane efforts. If you know this already, have you asked yourself why that is? If you don’t know this, then I suggest you look into it and see for yourself. [Un]fortunately or us, things really are how they’re supposed to be. If we didn’t have night and darkness, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the day and the Light..

      • James McSherry

        June 27, 2016 at 21:16

        Yes I think you hit on a key part of it. As a kid we tend not to have as much logic, or the mental tools to apply it. But then once that is in place it puts a bit of a filter on the imagination projector. The imagination is still there of course, but it is competing for the same airtime as conscious thinking and rationality.

        Imagination seems to be powered by consciousness and while it often contains stuff, or fractals of stuff we hold in our knowledge, sometimes it doesn’t, or at least doesn’t appear to contain such fractals. But who knows – I mean it probably comes from the same place as dreams, or psychedelic visions. When you say that imagination is a source of knowledge, perhaps it is the source of knowledge. Because ultimately most things that humans have created are somewhat original, and at least started with an idea by a person – likely taken straight from their imagination. Without ours and others imagination, we don’t learn.

        We are in the middle of the most extreme period of paradigm shift (globally) that there has probably ever been. Brexit, technology, data, information, novelty etc etc. The funny thing is that there is a massive societal thrust towards creating collective problems (not helped by overpopulation) that are becoming almost too great to solve. The next paradigm shift I would hope for is that on the personal level, of individuals and it may well come from hard reality check. Recapturing sanity, community, and connection with nature are a path out of destruction, but we may need significantly more destruction for it to be realised on a conscious level by the individual. The light and the dark indeed


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