How to stop unauthorised access to your email account?

05 Jul
Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase

While the 2 step verification applies only to Gmail for now, the other steps apply to all email providers. This is how you reduce your chances of your email account being hacked:

1. Set up “Two step verification” on your Gmail account (if on Gmail, Google has made two-step verification easy to set up.)
2. Check if your email messages are being forwarded without your permission. Check your filters!
3. Where is your email account being accessed from? Check your logs!
4. Choose a unique, hard-to-crack password. DO NOT REUSE PASSWORDS!
5. Secure your computer. If you’re on Windows, use an Antivirus, a Firewall, an Antimalware and always install all updates from Microsoft. If you’re on Linux or other platforms, always install the latest security updates, harden the kernel, use a firewall.
6. Why are you storing sensitive information in your email account? Download it to your computer, encrypt it (TrueCrypt) and store it securely.

7. Always use the latest version of Firefox! Install the following add-ons: AdBlock, HTTPS everywhere and NoScript. Allow scripts only from genuine websites that you trust.

More details here:

If anyone requires assistance with online security, feel free to get in touch with me.

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