New theme + 2011 updates

01 Jul

I can’t believe its been a year since I created my blog…and in all this time I only wrote 2 posts! Well there is a good explanation for that and I will give details below but one of the reasons, I must admit, was my own neglectfulness for blogging.  Anyway, starting with last month, my blog has a new theme, some new widgets and soon will also have lots of info about what happened in the last year.

Well for the past year I’ve been busy making a living, working on various projects and struggling to keep up with my CAIS degree at DCU. I managed to achieve some cool things though and to mention a few:

  • – gained new customers & partners, enhanced relationships with the existing ones;
  • Got a 1.1 in my 3rd year Android project @DCU, finished 3rd year with a 2.1 mark
  • Bought a car that wasn’t even road worthy, rebuilt it and now, almost a year later still runs like new
  • Worked all summer for Visual Network Systems, became proficient in virtualizaiton with VMware products, mainly ESXi 4, had some awesome fun with the VNS Dublin team
  • – my challenging Final year project @DCU for which I got a 1.1 mark
  • I can’t remember what else, if you wanna find out more, feel free to check my Uaneen portfolio with all the academic, professional and personal activities for the past 4 years.

Well that’s about it for now. Will update the other sections in the next few days and then I’ll finally be up to date with my blog…I’m more of a doer than a writer but I’m trying to improve on the latter considering I’m planning to write a book at some stage in my life so got to start “training” somewhere 🙂

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