Dublin Chamber of Commerce invitation

08 May

Two days ago I had the pleasant surprise to receive a personal invitation to become a member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce ( I think this is a fantastic opportunity for any business to be part of the prestigious organisation that has its roots in the 18th century, and I have already confirmed my first attendance which will be on the 19th of May. Now why is this so amazing? Just keep reading and you will find out! (References:, and my email)

A bit of history

The Dublin Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest such organisations in Europe and traces its origins back to the Autumn of 1695 when the Dublin shipping company of Ferris, Twiggs and Cash sent their vessel Ouzel Galley on an important trading journey to the near-Eastern Seas. Due to the fact that the vessel went missing for over 3 years, the insurance policy on the ship was cashed in on the assumption that it had been lost at sea. Two years later, five years after leaving the fishing village of Ringsend, the Ouzel Galley sailed back up the River Liffey causing consternation. According to Captain Eoghan Massey, the Ouzel Galley had been commandeered by pirates and nobody could decide the ownership of the treasure aboard. To sort out the situation and the ownership of the ship and its cargo, Dublin merchants set up the Ouzel Galley Society in 1705 that was very successful at providing a forum to discuss the issue and a lobby on business-related issues. It continued as a forum for business-related issues, changing its name in 1783 to the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.


After over 200 years, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce continues to represent the business interests of now over 1,500 companies across the Greater Dublin area, making it the perfect partner to help a business grow. Providing a blend of networking, support services and access to government it aims to increase the prosperity of Dublin and its members. The Dublin Chamber of Commerce is the City’s most powerful and enthusiastic advocate, playing a role in major developments affecting Dublin city and its environs. More info on

Member benefits include:

  • Over 100 NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES to build valuable relationships
  • Boost your company’s PROFILE and market reach through publications and website profile
  • ACCESS senior business figures at private events
  • CONNECT online with our LinkedIn members group
  • An independent, influential VOICE for all businesses in the region
  • FREE briefings on business strategies and latest intelligence
  • JOIN our hugely successful Business Owners Network
  • EXCLUSIVE B2B DEALS with dramatic savings on business costs
  • OPPORTUNITY TO MEET with key government decision makers
  • A highly experienced EXPORT SERVICES DIVISION
  • Access INTERNATIONAL best practice in business
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