Hello world! “Ovi speaking” :)

03 May

First post, first real blog, therefore I’m going to start with a very friendly howdy to everyone reading this! I also want to dedicate the post title to all my friends who got so used to me answering the phone with the famous words that now they’re saying em before I manage to press the answer key! Thanks guys, its so fun and such a pleasure to have friends like you!

Why x and not y?

So why did I choose to write a blog and not write on my Fbook page? Well at first, because I deleted my Fbook account last year and I’m not planing to create another one. (Why? I’ll get to it in a second) Secondly, because I think blogging seems like a good idea and an excellent way to communicate world wide.

Why WordPress and not Blogger or some other blog host? For a few reasons: first because I never used WordPress and I’m puzzled by its complexity in features and designs. From what I read about it, its harder to use than the simplistic Blogspot and I personally like to achieve simplicity through complexity so I’m not happy if I don’t get stuck trying to figure out a “how to”. Secondly because I want to learn how to integrate WordPress into a private host/domain. As some of you know, I’ve got (built in Joomla) and I’d like to learn how to work with Worpress as well. Practice makes the master isn’t it? So what better way of learning how it works than by using it?

So why LinkedIn and not Fbook? Keeping in touch with online friends, playing pranks on some of them, playing all sorts of silly games is all fun but waaay to time consuming and distracting. Apart from this, I eventually found out that Fbook’s policy is: “We Can Do Anything We Want With Your Content. Forever” !!! –And I completely disagree with this or with anything else that would violate written or unwritten laws of freedom and privacy! I’m a firm believer in free-will and freedom so this is why I consider Fbook to be a virtual Panopticon that I dont want to be a part of.

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