My EPIC-less banking experience

I had no plans to write this post and the idea for it didn’t even cross my mind in my wildest nightmares, but due to an incredible sequence of events which lead to it, here it is. I’ll keep the intro short since the description of the events might take a few paragraphs. However, in order to fully comprehend the events I experienced with a major European bank – which I’m describing below – please do watch Idiocracy first. The only difference between the SF movie and my experience is that all the events I’m describing below have actually happened to me in real life, in between 21.May.2018 and today 08.July.2018. Also, at the time of this writing, the saga continues (I will update this as new events unfold).

On 21.05.18 at about 14:00 I walked into the bank’s main branch and I asked the bank consultant to open a startup account for my newly registered firm. The consultant said to me with a patronizing attitude that she doesn’t deal with small companies and that she can’t open an account for my new firm. So I was refused service because I was a startup and not a medium to large firm..

On 21.05.18 at about 14:30 I walked into the second branch of this EU bank and I was politely greeted by an assistant who proved to be more than happy to open a startup account for my firm. Since I had with me all the original registration documents for my firm (received directly from ONRC = the National Trade Register Office), I handed them to the bank assistant. She took copies of all the necessary documents and then she returned the original ones back to me. Up until this point, everything was going well and just as expected. However, from the moment we moved on to the contract (which was only on her computer screen), things started drifting in the wrong direction (I didn’t realize this at the time, only in hindsight after I experienced the consequences of their so many errors and abuses). Main points which prove their unprofessionalism:

  • In the beginning, I wasn’t given a contract to read and fill in because the contract was only on the computer screen of the bank assistant, and she was reading to me only the options she wanted answers to. This deprived me of the full understanding in advance of the requirements and the context.
  • Strangely enough, in order to open a bank account for my firm, I had to agree to a personal contract with the bank (between me as a person and the bank, not between my firm and the bank), and I had to hand them all my personal identification data. (This was not optional)
  • After I’ve given them my personal ID data, I had to repeat myself 3 times (!) that I do NOT want to sign up for any of their 5(!) marketing and data analysis options.
  • The first bank assistant, called another colleague to help her open the account for me and now there were 2 bank assistants working through the options on the digital contract. Despite this extra help, the two of them still printed the contract with 1 option for credit (loans) checked YES. Since I specifically told them that I DO NOT want to borrow money from them, I had to cross off this option with my pen.
  • Only after we finished with the personal contract, we moved on to the business contract between the bank and my firm. This contract had only 5 pages in total, but it referenced a lot of other document packs which I was not given to read and agree before signing. I signed the contract on 21.05.18
  • After I’ve given them all the documents they requested, and after I signed all the documents they gave me to sign, the bank assistants have confirmed that my account is active and they handed me the business VISA bank card. However 3 days later they called me back into the bank to inform me that the account has not been activated because of that credit option. Details below.

On 24.05.18 I returned to the bank. Main points which prove their unprofessionalism:

  • The bank assistant told me that their central office in Bucharest has rejected the contract we signed on 21.05 because in their computer the option was YES for credit check and on the paper contract it was marked no. So we had to sign a new contract. Now instead of correctly marking my NO option in their system and then printing another contract with the option marked as NO, she printed the same contract with a blank date and with the option for credit check marked as YES.
  • Then the bank assistant asked me to mark that option which I do not want with a pen and then sign next to it. So I crossed over YES and I clearly marked the NO option. Then I signed next to my writing. However, the pen I was using apparently wasn’t good enough and the bank assistant asked me to sign with a better pen. So I asked her for her pen and I signed again on the paper with her pen. This was now deemed to be acceptable and we signed this 2nd contract on 24.05.18.
  • After the central office accepted this 2nd contract, the local office confirmed with me that my new business account is active and in order. However, this proved to be another bank mistake/failure/lie as described below.

On 29.05.18, after confirming with the local bank office that everything is OK with my account, I deposited a sum of money into my firm’s new business account. Let’s call it sum42. The account updated with this sum and everything proved to be in order.

On 31.05.18 at 18:24 I received an email from the bank informing me that they are missing some documents from my business account. Main points which prove their unprofessionalism:

  • The email arrived at the end of the business day and before the June bank holiday weekend.
  • The email did not mention what document(s) they are missing.
  • The email referenced a business email address for further questions – to which I sent multiple emails, but as seen below, they have not replied until 25.06.18 – over 3 weeks later.

On 31.05.18 at 18:38 I replied and I emailed the business email addresses of the bank. I thanked them for the info, and I asked them to confirm specifically what other documents they require.

  • Up until 25.06.18, I received no answer from the bank.

On 05.06.18 I sent them another email to the two email addresses of the bank for business customers (referenced in the bank email I received).

  • Up until 25.06.18, I received no answer from the bank.

On 17.06.18 at 04:53AM I received another automated email from the bank. Main points which prove their unprofessionalism:

  • The bank ignored my request for details regarding the name or type of documents they need.
  • The bank has threatened me that if I don’t give them these mysterious document(s), they will block my account on 26.06.18.

On 18.06.18 I sent a 3rd email to the bank and I asked them for what document(s) they need. I also attached the other 2 emails I sent them – to which I received no reply. In my 3rd email, I mentioned that I am very offended by their threat to block my business account with my firm’s private money in the account, and given their ignorance and lack of 2-way communications, I will report them to their EU headquarters.

  • My email was ignored until  25.06.18 – this was 1 day before my business account was scheduled to be blocked – and only after I went into the bank branch and spoke to the bank manager.

On 25.06.18 in the morning, I drove back to the bank branch where I opened my account and I asked to speak to the manager. Main points which prove their unprofessionalism:

  • The bank manager didn’t know what was going on and he asked me for 20-30min to investigate. Fair enough. Before I walked out he asked me where was I an employee of the bank (!!?). I confirmed with him that I am NOT an employee of the bank and I asked him whats with this strange question.
  • The bank manager confirmed with me that my business account was opened as an account for a bank employee and he needs time to sort it out.
  • After he called me back into the bank, he apologized to me for the inconvenience caused to me by the bank, and he confirmed with me that he sorted out the technical error with my account, and he spoke to the people in the central office in Bucharest and that my business account will NOT be blocked the next day on 26.06.18. – This proved to be another bank mistake/failure/lie.
  • At the end of our meeting, the bank manager also handed me the document the bank wanted but failed to provide specific info about it. This was the first time a bank official showed me the document they wanted: a GAA document (from The General Assembly of the Associates) which proves that I am the entitled Administrator of my company in all dealings with the bank.
    • This document was NOT given to me on 21.05.18 when I opened the account.
    • I should have received this document with weeks in advance of the account block date (which was only 24h away at the time when I received it).
    • The requirements of this (useless) bank document have already been legally proven by the official business documentation from the National Trade Registration Office (ONRC), including article 22 from my company act – which clearly states that I am the unique Administrator of my firm with full and unlimited powers in all internal company matters and in all company dealings with all 3rd parties.
    • Therefore blocking a business account with private money in it, for lacking a document which the ONRC has already legally provided, it’s not just abusive and immoral, but its plain brainless (and potentially illegal).

On 25.06.18 in the afternoon, at 14:21, I finally received a reply from the bank’s central office in Bucharest.

  • The reply failed to inform me with the name of the Romanian or EU laws and/or directives which gives the bank the right to block my account (also considering I or my firm have not broken any laws and the bank has no blocking order in place from a Romanian or EU Authority).
  • The email from the bank simply informed me of the general T&C of the bank which started with “The bank has the right to….” (but without mentioning the laws and directives which give them such rights)

On 25.06.18 in the evening, at 21:08, I replied to the email I received from Bucharest and I also cc’ed the local bank manager which gave me his card during our meeting. I informed them that I am very disappointed with their terrible customer service and with their unprofessionalism. I also mentioned that they wasted countless hours of my time due to their own mistakes/failures. In the end I mentioned that I was a happy customer of their brand in Germany and I gave them a KPI for comparison with their sister office in Germany which constantly receives stellar feedback from its EU customers.

  • I’ve received no reply to this email.

On 27.06.18 at 04:33AM, I received an automated email from the bank.

  • The bank informed me that it has blocked my account – with my firm’s private money in the account (sum42).
  • In between 29.05.18 and 27.06.18 there was only 1 transaction on the account: my deposit of sum42. There were no other transactions up until this date.

On 27.06.18 at 08:19AM, I emailed the local bank manager and the central office in Bucharest. I expressed my deepest regret in opening an account at their unprofessional bank and I informed them of my decision to close the account effective immediately.

  • I’ve received the reply below on 28.06.18.

On 28.06.18 at 12:53PM, I received a reply from the bank’s office in Bucharest:

  • The bank completely ignored my requests for legal information which give them the right to block my firm’s private money (sum42) onto their banking network.
  • The bank completely ignored my request to close my account.
  • The bank simply asked for the GAA document which proves that I am the entitled Administrator of my company in all dealings with the bank – the document I only received from the bank manager on 25.06.18 and which is a duplicate of the official legal documentation from the National Trade Registration Office (ONRC).

On 28.06.18 at 13:00 I called the lady who sent me the email from the bank’s central office in Bucharest. However, I was told she is not available and I was asked to leave a message. I left a message with one of her colleagues: calmly and very politely I asked him to tell her that after wasting so much of my time and resources, I had enough of this bank and the only thing I’d like to do is close my account and recover my money (sum42). The man I spoke to confirmed that he received the message and that he will tell her to call me back.

  • Up until today, nobody called me from the bank’s central office in Bucharest.

On 30.06.18 the bank took money from my account without my knowledge or authorization:

  • The bank charged commissions for account usage, despite their advertised free commision for startups in the first year.
  • Therefore the bank not only blocked my access to my firm’s private money, but the bank took money out of my blocked account without my knowledge, without my permission and by infringing their own contract and advertised product…

On 02.07.18 I emailed the central office in Bucharest and the local bank manager and I asked them to confirm with me when can I withdraw my money and close my account.

  • Up until today, I’ve not received a reply from the bank.

On 05.07.18 I walked into the local branch where I opened my account on 21.05.18, and I asked the bank assistant to call the manager. She told me that he is not in the office and she offered to help. I asked her to close my account. Such a simple request turned into the following sequence of events:

  • The bank assistant confirmed with me that she can’t close the account because the bank doesn’t have the GAA document (mentioned above). I told her that the document they are asking for should have been given to me on 21.05.18 or on 24.05.18 when I opened the account. Considering I haven’t received this document until after I wasted considerable resources and after I received messages from the bank which stopped me from using the account (that’s why I had no other transaction on it), now its too late because I had enough and I just want to close the account.
  • I also mentioned to her what I wrote in the emails above that this document is an unofficial duplicate of the official and legal documents from the National Trade Registration Office (ONRC). I told her that I lost my trust in them and I don’t want to continue to use the account, I just want to close it and receive my money back.
  • The bank assistant understood but she said that she can’t do anything because the central office in Bucharest won’t allow her to close the account without that GAA document.
  • Since the bank refused to close the account, I asked her how much more interest/commission will I get charged if I withdraw cash at the ATM. She confirmed the commission as 0.35% – I agreed to pay that and just “present” the bank 100RON just so I can withdraw the remainder of my money.
  • However, to my utter shock, the ATM rejected my request and I couldn’t withdraw any money from my firm’s account. The bank assistant received a confirmation from the central office that withdrawals are also blocked.
  • At this stage, I told the bank assistant that if the bank doesn’ return my money, I will consider it fraud/embezzlement and I will report this law infringement to the police and the national financial authority.
  • Shortly after she called her boss, I received a call from the bank manager (the one who stopped me from closing my account and withdrawing my money on 25.06.18 – before the bank blocked my account). The bank manager tried to put the blame on me that I am at fault for not providing them with the document they needed. After I reminded him of my numerous emails sent to the bank and numerous requests for information which were ignored, I agreed with him that it is the bank’s fault. After this, I asked him to unlock my account so I can withdraw my firm’s private money, or else I will report them to the police. At this stage, the manager asked me to “remain friends because its better for us”…and to be honest he sounded like a local baron of sorts. However, I told him that we have never been friends and I want no personal relationship with him. I simply request that he fulfills his duties as the bank representative and serves me as the bank customer for the last day.  He agreed.
  • After my call, the bank assistant has presented me with a document which she filled in with her presumed reason why I’m closing the account (without my permission) which stated that I’m closing the account “because my firm doesn’t need it anymore” – I did not agree to this because the reason why I want the account closed has to do 100% with the bank’s unprofessionalism which made me waste a lot of time and resources and business opportunities.
  • Also, on the same document, printed in a grammatically incorrect Romanian, there was a text which stated that I give the bank permission to keep the account open if there is a restriction on the account. Therefore I refused to sign this document which clearly authorized the bank to keep the account open.
  • After I refused to sign the bank’s filled-in document, I took a pen and I wrote a letter of request to the bank and I asked the bank to amiably close my account and return my firm’s private funds. Since I was informed that this request may take a few hours, I left the bank and awaited the call from the bank assistant.
  • A couple of hours later, still on 05.07.18, the bank assistant called me to inform me that my handwritten application was rejected by the bank’s central office in Bucharest. She confirmed that the only way I can have my account closed and the remaining of my funds returned is by signing their own (abusive) document – which in this case actually voids itself due to the additional printed text on it.

The direct experience with the bank stops here for now. However, I will continue writing on the timeline as other events develop.

On 05.07.18 in between 15:00 and 17:00 I visited all the relevant local authorities with the intention to ask for information regarding the legality of the bank’s actions, to file a complaint if the bank is found to be infringing the law, and to ask for advice on how can I recover my firm’s private money from the bank:

  • National Authority for Consumer Protection, National Agency for Fiscal Administration, Local County Council, The Police, Customs and the Anti-Fraud squad. All these agencies have told me that banking fraud is not within their authority unless the law infringement is done TO the bank, not BY the bank.  So I was advised to contact the Romanian National Bank (BNR).

On 05.07.18 at 16:50 I called the regional office of BNR but I was told to call again in the morning because there’s nobody there to speak to me about this issue.

On 06.07.18 at 10:30AM I called again the regional office of BNR. I was told that they don’t have a private banking authority office there and I was given 2 numbers from BNR central office in Bucharest. I called one of the BNR numbers and I got through to their central telecoms office. From there I was transferred to “Directia Supraveghere” (Supervision Office). The lady from DS told me that they don’t deal with this particular bank and that she will transfer me to the inspector who deals with this bank. I thanked her and waited to be transferred. After a few rings, someone picked up and when I asked if he is the inspector from the banking authority which deals with this troublesome bank, he replied with: “No, this office is redecorating, try again next week”.

On 06.07.18 in the morning, I called – which is the Financial Supervision Authority. After I briefly started to explain what happened, the gentleman stopped me and said that they don’t deal with these kinds of issues. He said that they deal with the banks only on stock and capital markets. He also advised me to call I thanked him and I called the main number of the Alternative Banking Dispute Resolution Centre. The number rang busy.

After I ran out of available national authorities and none could help me recover my firm’s private money from this major EU bank, I decided to search on the EU website. Here is what I found:  The European Banking Authority: Now, they are exactly what I was looking for – but at a national level. So after I searched their website a bit, I found a page which lists the national banking authorities in the EU which are its counterparts at each EU country’s level. When I landed on this page I thought that all my problems will be solved in a flash – well that was until I saw the list for Romania, which included only 1 entry for ANPC…which is the National Authority for Consumer Protection and while I’ve heard they are good at what they do, they do NOT accept complaints from companies, they do NOT accept firms as customers, and also do NOT have any authority over financial institutions (i.e. they literally can’t police the banks, nor the non-banking financial institutions).

  • I am genuinely wondering why isn’t the Romanian Central Bank (BNR) listed there, or the Romanian Ministry for Finance or the Revenue or the Economic Police!??

Today is 08.07.18 and I am in limbo with the private money I deposited in my business bank account of this particular troublesome bank. In between 21.05.18 and today, I have wasted countless hours and resources due to the bank’s unprofessionalism. After going through all that, and after being willing to just give the bank 100RON to recover the rest of my company’s money, I’m still stuck because my firm’s money is still blocked by this bank and I can’t find an institution who can investigate the legality of what the bank is doing to me and my firm. Therefore if someone has any ideas on how I can get this sorted at EU-level (or preferably national level), please contact me privately. Thank you!

PS: I obviously have hard proof for all of the above (documents, emails, pictures).

To be continued…

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E.P.I.C. educational model as GESET solution?

In the paragraphs below I am sharing some basic details about an educational model I came up with to describe a more complete view of human development. For lack of a better name, I’m referring to it through the acronym E.P.I.C. which stands for: Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, and Consciousness. In GESET part 2 I have described the dangerous trends and threats to human life which I’ve discovered in my research. The E.P.I.C. model and the ideas I propose are of an ethical educational nature because I believe that through knowledge and ethical education, we can provide/inspire solutions to each one of the 3 elements encompassed in the process responsible for the creation of the dangerous GESET trends:

Human ego (source) -> Money (incentive/cause) -> Human Behaviour (effect) -> GESET threat (after-effect)

Given the distinct nature of each one of the issues leading to GESET threats, for each one of the 3 core problems I propose 3 distinct educational models as potential solutions:

  1. Potential Solution 1 for the human ego problem: the E.P.I.C. Human Development model – presented below.
  2. Potential Solution 2 for the money (financial system) problem: Biomimetics economic model.
  3. Potential Solution 3 for the self-damaging human behaviour problem: Ethicality leadership model.

Solution 1 for the human ego problem: the E.P.I.C. Human Development model:


E = Emotional ; P = Physical ; I = Intellectual ; C = Consciousness

If you’re wondering why I chose the word “epic” to describe my human development model, the story is as follows: many years ago it didn’t have a name, it was just my way of experiencing life. However, around 2012 I called it “TrinityOne 3+1” as it seemed appropriate (3 obvious elements + 1 “hidden” element). However, as years passed by and I kept developing it and experimenting with it in my life, I wanted to come up with a name which has good meaning in multiple languages. And after a lot of trial and error, I settled on “epic” after joking about it during a wordplay. 🙂 Now what does this E.P.I.C. model actually mean, and how do I imagine that E.P.I.C. human development model is going to solve the colossal human ego problem!?

Carl Gustav Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology) described in unprecedented detail the elements which form the conscious and the unconscious human intellect (I). Following his research, he described in his writings the journey an individual should embark on IF s/he wants to reach wholeness (Authenticity). Jung proposed that the ultimate goal of self-realization is to pull an individual to the highest possible experience (which is a spiritual one, not a material one). On the other hand, Jung concluded that if a person does not proceed toward self-awareness and self-knowledge, neurotic symptoms may arise. Symptoms are widely defined, including, for instance, phobias, psychosis, and depression. And once this happens, a person ‘steps’ into Sigmund Freud‘s research area: psychoanalysis – a clinical method for treating mental disorders, psychopathology.

Abraham Harold Maslow (American psychology professor) was a humanistic psychologist who created in 1943 the now famous “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs“. Maslow studied the healthiest 1% of the college student population, and the individuals he called ‘exemplary people’ such as Albert Einstein, Jane Addams, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Frederick Douglass, rather than mentally ill or neurotic people. Maslow positioned his work as a vital complement to Sigmund Freud’s work, and he focused his research on the positive potential in human beings (as opposed to Freud who “supplied us the sick half of psychology and we must now fill it out with the healthy half”).

The reason why I’m referencing these 3 psychology titans is because my own work integrates elements from Jung and Maslow’s research, while taking into consideration some of Freud’s conclusions. I’m presenting here my E.P.I.C. model as a potential solution to the hyperinflated human-ego problem; and its important to note that my model and my research which led to it, leverage Jung and Maslow’s priceless work – and as such it is part of the same ‘preventive’ category. While I consider Freud’s work as useful in post-discovery applications (after a problem/disorder has arisen/been created), I am convinced that the real cure for effectively fixing this ego problem “at its root” is in continuously acting to PREVENT the worst from arising in the first place (instead of stimulating it like we do today..). And the way I suggest we prevent ego-related disorders is by leveraging Jung and Maslow’s work in our education system to put individuals on a life-long personal development path, and in parallel, by using a guiding model like E.P.I.C. for life balance and a more complete human development:

E = Emotional (The heart)

It is long said that “Emotions make us Human”. A mother’s emotions affect her unborn child (ref). Therefore we first experience the world through our mother’s emotions and after we’re born we experience the world through our own emotions. As such, if a mother has various disorders (genetical, psychological or emotional), it’s likely that she will pass them on to her child/ren, and the child/ren will most likely grow up developing similar or more disorders. While I consider our Dark_Triad society to be guilty of producing and perpetuating these disorders (and not women!), it is logical to start the process of positive change by first educating all girls and women (not just mothers or potential mothers) on how to understand and balance their own emotions. After millennia of being purposefully kept by men in the shadows of men, in the last half a century, women have finally earned equal rights. This is a very good thing, however, given the fact that this recognition of equality happened only in the law books, and the ego of men didn’t actually recognize women as equals in real life, something unnatural happened: in the struggle for equal rights, vain men have ‘infected’ the natural socially-collaborative women with the unnatural (for them) ‘competition virus’ which has its source in the male ego. The lack of real equality, and the lack of respect for our distinct human nature, plus the continuous development of materialistic ego-driven pursuits – which has ignored and twisted emotional needs – has significantly contributed to bringing us on the current destructive GESET trends. It’s very obvious that this is not working, so let’s try something else:

In order to achieve a balanced emotional development, we need emotional education and emotional security. As such we must take into consideration Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and develop a society which recognizes and respects the true and distinct nature of women and men, and automatically fulfills the psychological and safety needs of all girls and women in the society (first), and of all boys and men in the society (second) – I am referring to the bottom 2 layers in the hierarchy of needs. While I’m specifically focusing on women first, I’m not suggesting to switch from a patriarchal society to a matriarchal one. And I am surely not suggesting that we make all men work only for the benefit of women in the society. I am simply suggesting that we must prioritize women’s education and women’s emotional needs over men’s ego-driven pursuits, by leveraging our distinct male-female capabilities, and by fulfilling the natural needs of our species in a priority-ranked equal way. Basically, we’d be educating ourselves how to perpetuate the much-craved balance at individual and collective level, how to create equality, and most important: how to create sustainability for our species.

  • Starting point: Emotional Intelligence education.
  • Developing point: Empathy and compassion development.
  • Maintenance point: Continuous EQ development.
  • Main takeaway: Develop the emotions to become a good-hearted human being.

P = Physical (The body)

Leonardo da Vinci‘s Vitruvian Man requires no introduction. The geometrical human proportions identified by Leonardo and by those who preceded him, are proof that Nature respects some very specific “programming” when it comes to building our Physical reality (i.e. fractals). In 2011 I wrote a post which described my understanding of Nature’s physical ratios, including those found in the human body. Now considering almost all of us at birth are naturally well-proportioned and healthy, all we have to do during our lifetime is to remain well-proportioned and healthy. However, this simple responsibility is a major challenge in today’s profit-driven consumerist society. It’s very obvious that this is not working, so let’s try something else:

First and foremost we must fulfill the emotional requirements described in the previous section as this solution relies on emotional security and healthy intellectual development (which is facilitated by healthy emotional development). Physical development without intellectual control and emotional balance is disastrous – as seen in the world today.

Once emotional and psychological needs are assured, the physical development plan can be put into action – what I mean by this is: everything between simply starting a sports activity (physically developing oneself), to participating in the Olympics (excelling at developing oneself). However, in my opinion physical development doesn’t peak at the Olympics. From a cultural perspective, it peaks in complex things like marriage (contributing to the development of another), and from a human species perspective, it peaks at the conception of a child (physically creating another life). Therefore from a physical sustainability perspective, I argue that the responsibility to create another healthy life is much higher than the responsibility of a sports(wo)man to train healthy and beat Olympic records.

  • Starting point: Education in physical health, Biology, Nutrition, Sports (“Mens sana in corpore sano”). Choosing a sport or an appropriate physical activity.
  • Developing point: Healthy nutrition + practicing physical activities from very light to moderate intensity.
  • Maintenance point: Health monitoring, healthy nutrition, appropriate sporting activities.
  • Main takeaway: Develop the body to remain a well-proportioned and healthy human being.

I = Intellectual (The mind)

In 2014 I wrote “Ethical Human Education, Wisdom & Evolution“. This is an essential read for this “I” category because now I’m picking up where I left off. The motto of my blog (“If curiosity cures boredom, what cures curiosity?“) is also essential in what follows because I consider curiosity as the most essential quality in intellectual development. And I’m not the only one (+HBR, Neuroscience, A.I. etc).

My curiosity may very well get me killed one day. When I mixed curiosity with some physical adventures, it literally almost got me killed a few times in my life, and I’m genuinely surprised I’m still alive after a few very close calls (accidents and incidents). However, while I have no idea why I am so curious to experiment and learn, I can easily recognize that curiosity is the very reason why I know that I know nothing. If it wasn’t for my curiosity which pushed my own limits and forced me to explore the world, I wouldn’t have been able to reach such an enlightening paradox. After reading what I just wrote, a very obvious question popped into my mind: if the result of pursuing my curiosity leads to “nothing”, then why bother to pursue learning in the first place?

The answer is obvious but only after the mind wins the battle over the ego. The ego is an intellectual parasite which is the greatest obstacle in developing one’s own intelligence and keeps an individual in a fake realm of “know it all” – which in reality is just arrogance and ignorance. Socrates believed that wrongdoing and unethical behaviour resulted from ignorance and lack of knowledge. I completely agree. And since I am writing all this with the hope that it may one day become/inspire ethical solutions to the GESET threats, I will focus on the practicality of knowledge to create sustainability and to combat ignorance (including wrongdoings & threats).

Therefore since I identified the source of the GESET chaos in the word as the human ego, and Socrates attributed unethical behaviour to the ignorance of the ego, it’s very obvious that the solution is ethical education meant to develop us intellectually and to overcome the ego-parasite which holds us from evolution, self-development and from creating an ethical and sustainable society for us and the generations to come. If we don’t do this, and we somehow survive the GESET threats, we will inevitably develop the tech to colonize space and also inevitably we humans will be the next generation of cancerous parasites infecting the galaxy/universe in our attempt to achieve this materialistic “infinite growth”. I don’t know about you, but when the time comes to greet other intelligent species, I want us to feel proud we belong to an intelligent one, not a parasitic one which pumps resources, dumps trash and wastes life till there is nothing left, not even itself.

It’s very obvious that what we’re doing is not working, so let’s try something else. Let’s be curious, not ignorant. Let’s learn how to actually be intelligent and how to create sustainability for our species. I envision the E.P.I.C. model as a complete educational framework to be used in developing a more complete and ethical individual. Whenever I catch a break from earning money to pay the bills, I will work to develop a benchmark methodology to calculate the E.P.I.C. quotient for an individual – as opposed to the very limited IQ test. Until then, we could work on the following points:

C = Consciousness (The Self)


Whatever you are physically…male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy–all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.” Cassandra Clare

For now, this topic is still in the non-scientific category. And until science manages to identify and quantify Consciousness as this new state of matter proposed by Prof Max Tegmark, I am compelled to continue to consider everything that follows in the Spiritual category where its defined as Higher Consciousness. Now to be clear, I don’t know how to explain my own Consciousness other than through the entity spiritually referred to as the “Soul”. I also don’t know how to describe it, quantify it or present it. The only thing that I can do, is feel it. And the sensorial receptor for this feeling is completely distinct from all other +19 physical senses. That being written, I will now subjectively recommend the exploration of this Higher Consciousness with the purpose to gain a drop of wisdom, or if we’re really brave, enlightenment. But…how?

  • From a perspective which is as scientific as it gets, we could follow Jung’s teachings on dealing with the darkness to uncover the Self– but only IF one wants to reach wholeness (Authenticity).
  • From a purely Spiritual perspective, we could follow the teachings of our respective culture, belief system, or religion – but only IF these teachings are ethical = do not cause damage to self, others, and the environment.
  • Finally, from a purely subjective perspective, we could follow our intuition – as long as this does NOT cause damage to self, others, and the environment.

There are many ways we can stimulate within us all the positive elements mentioned in Jung’s work which lead to Authenticity, and in Maslow’s work which lead to Self-actualization and Transcendence. However, we need ethical education to be able to make the right choice. Once we have the education, all that remains is the choice IF we want to focus on ethical development, on the sustainability of our species, and on preventing ego-caused disorders, OR on developing disorders due to ignorance, arrogance, vanity, narcissism, megalomania, greed and other negative and destructive selfish desires. Our time here is limited, our resources are finite and given our technology, we have the power to build or destroy the future of our species. The collective choice is ours to make at an individual level. I hope we choose to grow, evolve and become enlighten…(kinda like Master Oogway from one of my favorite movies 🙂 )

In the next post:

Solution 2: Biomimetics and Solution 3: Ethicality

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Geopolitical, Environmental, Social, Economic and Technological threats to HUMAN LIFE (GESET Part 2)


In GESET part 1 of this article series I wrote: Each one of us, individually, is responsible for the world we are living in today and every day. Thus I hope each one of us also realises that regardless of the risks and challenges presented here, positive change always starts within. – This was my most compelling statement in the 1st part of my GESET series and my statement is specifically referring to controlling our human ego – the “lower self” (as opposed to the “higher Self” which refers to our Consciousness). The human ego, this lower self, is the entity in charge of most individuals on Earth and my conclusion is that the human ego is the real cause of most of the awful things and all the madness happening on Earth. A fraction of this madness was mapped by me in my GESET research and it is presented here in a centralised mindmap which should make the understanding of these risks effortless.

However I must stress this paramount point in advance: regardless of the drivers/causes present to you in each threat/trend category, the real cause of each problem lies at the top of the pyramid – and at the top of the pyramid is the human ego. We wouldn’t be here, in this inhumane mess, if it wasn’t for the human ego which desired more and more and a never-ending more. Human intelligence didn’t create our parasitic financial system, it was the ego of a number of individuals who wanted control and power and were driven by their ego to pursue the never-ending “more”. The ego of these individuals created one of the most perfect systems of mass-control – money – which in turn keeps billions of people in a never-ending rat race, while stimulating all the awful desires in a human being. Therefore to be clear, the process that got us here and which is driving us off the edge of the cliff is:

Human ego (source) -> Money (incentive/cause) -> Human Behaviour (effect) -> GESET threat (after-effect)

As the current cycle seems to be coming to its end, we are fast approaching a potentially inevitable reset in our way of life. If this reset brings ethical positive changes or augmented negative outcomes, I do not know; but I feel that we still have some (diminishing) time left and the difference in outcome can be created by our choices. Now what facts am I basing such a dramatic statement on? First, please read the 1st part of this post called The paramount requirement for Self-Awareness, Critical Thinking and Adaptability (Part 1)so you can understand where I’m coming from. Second, read on and please feel free to disagree with me.


  • I published the references and my sources of information for my research in the post: “My Top200 RSS info sources for ethical activism and global research“.
  • All the information listed in my research is already public and my results can be easily replicated by following either my sources of information or by a simple Internet search for each topic of interest.
  • If someone has the resources to help me create a threat modeling expert system (AI), I’d be most grateful if you could please contact me
  • I’m sharing all this research with the hope that we will be able to mitigate the highlighted threats in time. Please note that the images in this post provide much more information than the text below which is just a high level summary of the mindmap.
  • With a few exceptions, all of the following threats are ego-driven man-made, money-driven man-sustained (for profit) and all of them can be mitigated through ethical means and sustainable alternatives.
  • In regards to the exceptions which have to do with the Earth itself or the Sun’s life cycle, we can at the very least mitigate their impact through predictive information awareness and proactive preparedness.
  • The most concerning part about this list is that each one of the listed threats are also trends:

Mindmap in PDF format / PNG format


CAT I) Top 5 categories of Environmental threats

Note: Only the high-level categories of threats are listed below. Full details and some potential solutions are presented in the GESET mindmap.

  1. Pollution
    • Air & Atmosphere pollution
    • Lakes, Sea and Oceans pollution
    • Land and Home pollution
    • Human Food pollution
    • Fresh Water pollution
  2. Ecological disaster
    • Waste disposal
    • Gas fracking
    • Oil and gas leaks/disasters
    • Cyanide gold mining
    • Nuclear leak or meltdown
  3. Exhaustion of core natural resources, including drastic loss of biodiversity
    • Depletion of essential industry resources
    • Deforestation
    • Unexplained wild animal mass-deaths
    • Wild fish stock depletion and wildlife extermination
    • Bee colonies deaths and mass pollinator shortages
    • Oceans acidification
  4. Natural planetary changes
    • Climate change (warming/cooling)
    • Extreme weather events
    • Considerable uptick in Earthquake and Volcanic activity
    • Earth changes due to (minimum) Solar activity
    • Geomagnetic abnormalities
  5. Cosmic threat
    • Meteor impact on Earth
    • Earth directed CME (Coronal Mass Ejection)
    • Earth directed Solar Flare
    • Gamma radiation from space
    • ELE cosmic body impact on Earth

➤ If we continue our current trends of “economic growth” at the cost of environmental destruction, I have no doubt that we will negatively impact the quality of our life, but most importantly we will undoubtedly permanently damage the core environmental elements which sustain our life on planet Earth: pressure, temperature, radiation, oxygen, clean water and healthy food. The choice is ours and the change starts at the source:

Human ego (source) -> Money (incentive/cause) -> Human Behaviour (effect) -> GESET threat (after-effect)

CAT II) Top 5 categories of Geopolitical threats

Note: Only the high-level categories of threats are listed below. Full details and some potential solutions are presented in the GESET mindmap.

  1. Armed conflicts and active civil conflict areas where losses of lives occur
  2. Manipulation of public actions (online and offline) through:
  3. Rising geostrategic competition to the established system
  4. Unethical and abusive political leadership
  5. Potential nuclear conflict

➤ If war wouldn’t be profitable, every single one of the above geopolitical threats would be easily avoided. But war is profitable and until we take the profit out of human killing, we will continue to see these barbaric trends. The choice is ours and the change starts at the source:

Human ego (source) -> Money (incentive/cause) -> Human Behaviour (effect) -> GESET threat (after-effect)

CAT III) Top 5 categories of Societal threats

Note: Only the high-level categories of threats are listed below. Full details and some potential solutions are presented in the GESET mindmap.

  1. Manipulation of public actions (online and offline) through:
    • Mass media: established TV, newspapers, radio
    • Nocebo advertising
    • Marketing of deceitful economic ideas
    • Ridicule and suppression of alternative economy which is not profitable/legalised for taxation
    • Political ponerology
  2. Privatisation of knowledge
    • “Patented world”
    • Growing private possession of ideas and creations results in the erosion of human rights and the lack of development for individuals without the means to pay for education (not referring just to academic education here).
    • Suppression of publicly beneficial open-projects (open-source, creative-commons, copyleft etc) by for-profit entities.
  3. Financial pressure forcing individuals to rely on unethical means for survival
    • Prostitution (including sugar daddy/mammy)
    • Joining extremists
    • Mercenary army signups
  4. Human condition degradation
    • Propaganda and media programming
    • Porn & uncontrolled sexuality
    • Entertainment industry
  5. Numerous crisis of various types
    • Human rights
    • Fresh-water
    • Food supply
    • Migration
    • Threat of war.

➤ Our society is very deeply broken. Not by the people living in it. But by those who rule over it. The sooner we realise that this zoo of a society we were born in and conditioned into, is just a construct of those in charge of the monetary system, the faster we will earn our freedom (intellectual freedom 1st, then emotional, and finally physical). If we want to fix the core problems in our society, we need to “wake-up” intellectually and then move beyond our current economic paradigm because our monetary system is the underlying issue that gives rise to the vast majority of the world’s problems.

I realise that most people cannot conceive a world without money, but a world without money would function exponentially better than our current one..However lets not jump ahead of ourselves and first consider improving the existing economic system to make it fair and sustainable. The first step would be to change it in such a way that we don’t need to compete against one another, but work together against social and scientific challenges. This way, as we develop technologies, our tech will be used to serve our needs and make our lives here easier, as opposed to being the means of ever greater levels of social control and exploitation. If we’d just spend some time to think about it, we’d see that given our current tech, it would be a lot easier to shift from a scarcity-driven and money-dependent neo-feudalist economic model we slave under, to a world where every person has their needs fulfilled, has an appropriate education for the era and preferably a high standard of living. This way we could work together efficiently and effectively (like a bee-hive) to focus on solutions to what’s truly important in our lives and our individual/collective development. And the priorities for our efforts can be easily decided based on our shared needs and interests, instead of having a few overlords amassing vast sums of wealth in [insert_name_here – they’re all the same] political system, while billions starve right in front of our eyes. Our reward (as if happiness and well-being were not enough) would be fulfilment of our needs, self-development, social progress and success in our chosen fields. Just imagine the possibilities for such a human society.. If you can’t imagine it, then just read about this topic to understand how such a society can be created.

We have the capabilities to produce more than enough to sustain many more billions of people on this Earth and to thrive here. However, the core problem is lack of self-awareness, lack of ethical mass-education, and greed – which is simply the natural by-product of system that re-enforces conquest and competition in pursuit of the ownership (i.e. enslavement) of the labour of others as well as their material resources. I feel that we have little time left but I know that we can do so much better in the time we have left..The choice is ours and the change starts at the source:

Human ego (source) -> Money (incentive/cause) -> Human Behaviour (effect) -> GESET threat (after-effect)

CAT IV) Top 5 categories of Economic threats

Note: Only the high-level categories of threats are listed below. Full details and some potential solutions are presented in the GESET mindmap.

  1. Extreme income inequality
    • Jan 2018: Richest 1% bagged 82% of the wealth created in 2017,
      while the poorest 50% of humanity (+3,600,000,000 people) got nothing.
    • Jan 2017: Just 8 men own same wealth as half the world – Oxfam
    • Jan 2016: 62 people own the same wealth as half the world – Oxfam Davos
  2. Manipulation of public actions (online and offline) through:
    • Mass media: established TV, newspapers, radio
    • Nocebo advertising
    • Marketing of deceitful economic ideas
    • Ridicule and suppression of alternative economy which is not profitable/legalised for taxation
    • Political ponerology
  3. Economic warfare
    • US and Western financial systems vs Russian & Chinese competition (i.e. BRICS, AIIB, EAEU or EEU)
  4. Over-dependency of the economic system on the financial system
    • Our financial system is in charge of our economy, politics, society, science, health, education, human growth and human development.
  5. World-wide Economic DEFLATION
    • Wide-spread Deflation which proves the lack of sustainability for our financially-reliant economic system. The economic and social chaos that will follow such an event, will undoubtedly give the opportunity to those in charge to implement a new and “better” system.

➤ Human beings are the only species on this planet which needs money to…LIVE, to survive. Over the millennia, we, the highly intelligent human beings living here on top of the food chain on this planet, we have been systematically conditioned to believe in various religious or political systems of mass-control. And as we know from history, over the millennia we believed in those systems of control and we suffered greatly at the cost of millions of lives. But now, in the age of the Internet, we have no excuse to remain slaves to another system of control – the monetary system ruling this planet controls our lives without our awareness nor active permission. How could we, the superior intelligence beings that we think we are, don’t realise that in order to even survive (nevermind thrive) on this resource-rich planet, we must rely on a monetary system controlled by very few men? How can we not realise that this monetary system, which we don’t control, is the middleware between our most basic needs and the satisfaction of our needs? How come we haven’t replaced money yet with an ethical, equal and fair economic system? How do we not realise that we don’t need money to survive and thrive here? How is this even the age of the Internet? Nevertheless, the choice is ours and the change starts at the source:

Human ego (source) -> Money (incentive/cause) -> Human Behaviour (effect) -> GESET threat (after-effect)

CAT V) Top 5 categories of Technological threats

Note: Only the high-level categories of threats are listed below. Full details and some potential solutions are presented in the GESET mindmap.

  1. Mass surveillance & Government control of digital Internet
  2. Cyber-warfare and core infrastructure hacking
  3. Unethical (military-focused) Transhumanism
  4. Artificial Intelligence and sentient robots/machines
  5. Nuclear disaster / nuclear leak / nuclear weapons.

GESET - Technological

➤ Last year I wrote a detailed post about “How to communicate securely & privately in today’s digitally surveilled world -and why do so?” What I wrote then is perfectly valid for this category because it turns out that my concerns were well founded. Considering the fact that the threat to individual privacy is strongly connected with the dangerous security threats we are experiencing today, we must be aware of the increasing trend in cyber-warfare, and economic & industrial cyber-espionage which has devastating effects on all of us living in this digital reality. Cyber-threats (cyber-weapons) such as Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Gauss, Regin and countless other mal/ransomware & APTs, are not just a digital threat like a pesky computer virus, they are a real physical danger to our core infrastructure, to our personal identities and to our individual security and privacy. Therefore we must find an ethical way to combat such threats through policies, legislation and technology which enforce security against cyber-threats, and we must do this without taking away people’s privacy and liberties in the process. Our technology today can help us fulfill beneficial dreams or destructive desires.

Unfortunately, digital technologies are subversively used at global scale to guide, control and protect not just an unnecessary financial system which is corrupt beyond imagination, but digital tech is also used to manipulate our real-life thoughts, words, knowledge, behaviour and actions. The digital tools (both software and hardware) are now literally shaping the new generations of humans. This is especially concerning given the fact that some of the controversial world events which took place in the last 15 years, have given Orwellian powers to governments and unethical individuals who own these tools and the “factories” which makes them. As a result of a very unfortunate combination of events, the Internet itself is now at risk to be owned and used as a power tool for control and profit. And the most unbelievable thing about all this is that the users of Digital are not just ignorant of the dangerous digital trend used against humanity, but they’re also its messengers, happily (or unknowingly) transferring their own real life into digital format and in the process, they surrender their identity…

To be perfectly clear, digital technologies by themselves are not harmful or “evil” and this is not an argument against technological developments. The real threat here is due to the way digital technologies are abused by those in power to create undesirable outcomes for billions of individuals. This is what Aaron Swartz died for, this is why numerous activists and journalists are trapped/incarcerated, this is what Snowden warned us about, and this is why we all need to wake up and stand for what is ethical! The choice is ours and the change starts at the source:

Human ego (source) -> Money (incentive/cause) -> Human Behaviour (effect) -> GESET threat (after-effect)

Conclusion & further potential Solutions: TBA in GESET part 3.

A message to Humanity – speech by Charlie Chaplin

“Be the change you wish to see in the world!” Be good. Be ethical. Be human!

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The paramount requirement for Self-Awareness, Critical Thinking and Adaptability (GESET Part 1)

self-awarenessI find myself here, part of an unimaginably complex and beyond extraordinarily beautiful natural world which is slowly being annihilated by our ignorant society – proudly led by amoral, unethical and profit-driven individuals whose thirst for more conquest, domination and power seems to be insatiable. I find myself here, part of it all, powerless to change something significant to make a difference at a large scale, but nevertheless empowered to change myself, and to positively make a difference with what I’m capable of thinking/doing. Despite the odds against me (of which I’m perfectly aware of), I feel empowered to contribute in making a positive difference at a large scale by acting ethically at my small scale. I want to create and inspire ethical change and the first step in the right direction I think is in recognising the here, recognising the illusionary construct we’re living in. Neil Kramer’s video describes very well the boundaries and methodologies used in this illusionary construct to keep us here in it. Therefore given the gravity of the global risks I came across, I will instead focus on the paramount and immediate necessity for self-awareness, critical thinking and adaptability. Adaptability  is the quality of being able to change (or be changed) in order to deal successfully with new situations. And this capacity for adaptability is within our control – but in order to consciously adapt (i.e. not to be changed without our own will), we need self-awareness. While this post will detail my work on global risks, it is dedicated to self-awareness  for reasons which are completely obvious from the gravity of the threats to us uncovered by my research. For now lets start with the importance of self-awareness (or lack of it):

The Four Horsemen of Self-Awareness: Directionlessness, Detachment, Disassociation, Distraction.

Heraclitus wrote 2500 ago that “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”. While his statement holds true until today, and will most definitely continue to be true in the future, those of us who want to stay conscious and self-aware, need to take heed to his wise words and let go of our fear of change. IF we want to become self-aware, to adapt and make a positive difference, we need to be able to deal with fear of change. Otherwise we can continue embracing Brendon’s 4 horsemen of self-awareness as described in the video above and hope for the best.. However, if we choose to make a positive difference, we need to understand that our fear (of the change we don’t control), manipulates us into wanting the illusion to keep things the same, regardless of how bad they really are. And as you will find out from my personal research presented here, the real reality is much worse than the fragmented one presented in mass media and various other for-profit sources. For the record, nobody asked me to do this and I didn’t ask or received anything in return for the resources I spent on compiling this research. The only reason why I’ve done it and now I’m sharing it publicly, is because I believe that if we don’t take positive action and things do continue to stay on the same course, it will most probably be the end of our humanity. How I’ve reached this improbable conclusion can be deducted from my research. However, probability aside, I’m absolutely sure of one thing: the choice is ours on how we decide to use our most valuable resource to continue to stay ignorant/fearful, or to act ethically and make a positive difference.

But do we know what is the most valuable resource in our possession? Do we know what is the most valuable resource on this planet and maybe even in this multiverse (to the best of our knowledge)? Do we realise what is the absolute most important resource in our lives? Take a moment to think about the answer and before you read further, feel free to write down at least 3 potential answers to these questions…OK, so have you written down 3 answers to those questions? If the answer is yes, then lets move on. To give you a clue, the answer is the same resource, and this one most important resource can’t be created, or mined, minted, traded or bought. I’m about to give you the answer I learned to be the most valuable resource in our lives, but before you read it, please draw a vertical line after your own 3 answers and write my answer on the other side of your line, so you can compare your answers with mine: time. The individual time we all have while we are alive is the most valuable resource we have available during our spark of life here. Our time alive is our most valuable resource and implicitly is also humanity’s most valuable resource. But here is the catch: we don’t really realise that do we? We, the individual humans living together on this space rock, we don’t get that. We don’t individually have the self-awareness to collectively understand that our time is our most valuable resource, nor do we realise that we are living here together. And here is were it got us:

[by Spencer Cathcart (@Freshtastical), the creator of “The Questions We Never Ask”]

Our lack of self-awareness brought us here. It wasn’t just the emperors and their armies, or the religious fanatics and their terrors; or the ‘royal’ blooded families and their wealth, or the industrialists and their technology, or the for-profit corporations, or the deceitful politicians and their never-ending lies, or any other label-carrying entity or faction. No, it wasn’t just ‘them’. They are indeed the creators of this very mad world we’re living in, but they couldn’t haven done it without the rest of us. All of us. And for as long as we continue to lack self-awareness (in time and space), it will always be so because each one of us, individually, is responsible for the world we are living in every day. Thus I hope everybody can realise that regardless of the risks and challenges presented to you, change always starts within.


Now onto global threats. In November 2014 I randomly came across a piece of information which encouraged me to pursue my curiosity on a new and interesting path. I followed my curiosity down the proverbial rabbit hole and +500 hours of research later, I ended up with a large mind map containing a very large number of threats to our: mental health, emotional health, physical health and potentially spiritual health too. (I wrote “potentially” because I have no way to measure it objectively, but subjectively I sense it being influenced too).

However, a few minutes ago I realised that if I continue writing the global threats details in this post, it will turn out to be a very long read which may take away some value from the core point – taking ethical actions to mitigate mostly man-made global threats affecting us at species level and at a personal level. Therefore I decided to split the post in 2 parts and provide the core details on global threats in the 2nd part. If now I’m too tired to make sense of it and it turns out to be incoherent, I apologise and I promise I will re-edit both posts after they’re published. Also this is my first draft and feedback is most welcome as always.

PS: There is a lot more info in this post about self-awareness and critical thinking than meets the eye at first glance. If interested in finding out more, feel free to click on the highlighted words as they are hyperlinks to various supporting resources and inspiring videos like:


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Deșteaptă-te, Române!

 La Multi Ani tuturor si un An Nou care sper sa ne aduca Lumina, Pace si Armonie!

Pe 1 Decembrie 2014 am publicat articolul “Ethical Human Education, Wisdom & Evolution” cu scopul educativ de a impartasi cunostintele mele si cu speranta ca voi inspira pe toti cititorii mei sa inteleaga urgenta necesitatea  de a utiliza activ ETICA in tot ceea ce facem in viata de zi cu zi. De 1 Decembrie 2015 am pus doar 2 mesaje (primul si al doilea) pe twitterul meu pentru ca nu am apucat sa imi adun gandurile sa scriu un articol dedicat Românlor si României. Insa sper sa ma recompensez prin randurile de mai jos.

Pana acum am publicat pe blogul meu doar articole scrise de mine insa azi voi posta un articol care l-am gasit pe care descrie cu acuratete multe din concluziile mele despre ce se intampla in România. Dar inainte de paragrafele articolului mentionat, vreau sa evidentiez (dpmdv) un concept de viata esential in intelegerea situatiei personale, sociale, culturale, economice, politice si de sanatate mentala, emotionala, fizica si spirituala din România: piramida nevoilor vietii. Indiferent daca vorbim de planta, pasare, peste, animal sau om, atata vreme cat se incadreaza in categoria “viata”, are nevoi foarte bine defininte de viata. De exemplu, plantele, printre altele, au nevoie de nutrienti, de apa si de soare.  Pasarile fiind pe un nivel existential superior plantelor, printre altele, au nevoie de apa, oxigen, mancare, soare, reproducere si..socializare (ex. pinguinii). Pestii si animalele, cel putin la fel ca pasarile si plantele, au nevoie printre altele de oxigen, apa, hrana, soare, reproducere, socializare (ex. delfinii), atentie (ex pisicile), comfort (ex maimutele) si exprimarea emotiilor (ex cainii).

Evident omul fiind mult mai complex decat plantele, pasarile, pestii si animalele, are nevoi mai multe si mai complexe. Dar suntem oare invatati macar care sunt acestea? Suntem invatati cum sa le identificam, cum sa ne disciplinam ca sa le tinem in frau si cel mai important, cum sa le satisfacem fara repercursiuni negative/imorale/distrugatoare asupra noastra, a semenilor nostrii si asupra mediului din care facem parte?  Ei bine, avand in vedere ca sunt sigur ca voi toti care cititi aceste randuri puteti si raspunde la aceste intrebari simple menite sa stimuleze gandirea individuala critica, eu ma voi limita doar la faimoasa piramida a lui Maslow. Imaginea atasata e evident-explicativa, insa va atrag atentia si asupra culorilor fiecarui nivel de la baza la varf:

Sper ca v-ati dat seama ca in România, nivele superioare (galben-verde-albastru) sunt subiecte de reclame si povesti, insa noi suntem directionati si strategic tinuti la nivelele inferioare de baza (rosu si portocaliu). De exemplu, in filme, publicitate si mass media se descrie fericirea, successul, sanatatea, multumirea de sine, distractia cu prietenii etc  Dar datorita (multor motive, nu doar) realitatii economice din tara, majoritatea oamenilor nu au siguranta zilei de maine si muncesc ca robii pentru ca sa-si asigure nevoile de baza (rosii): hrana, acoperisul, siguranta de azi si sanatatea (nivelul portocaliu). Iar datorita bombardamentului cu publicitate si propaganda, se pare ca oamenii incearca sa tina pasul si cu ‘moda’ ca sa apara in societate asa cum e la ‘moda’ sau macar sa apara in cercul social fericiti si sanatosi (fizic, mental, emotional si optional spiritual)..Asta e o iluzie ce incearca sa mimice nivelul galben si cu cat mai multi oameni vorbesc despre asta cu atat imi dau seama de cat de multa disonanta cognitiva exista in societatea Româneasca de azi.  Nu ma intelegeti gresit, in nici un caz nu afirm ca asa sunt toti compatriotii nostrii. Nu, eu ma refer la strategia nationala folosita la noi care tine populatia la cele 2 nivele de baza si duce la rezultate distrugatoare pentru individul Român, pentru poporul Român, pentru cultura Română, si pentru mediul inconjurator a acestor meleaguri stravechi care ne tine pe toti. Ma intreb, daca unui om nu i se da sansa si suportul de a-si asigura nevoile de baza, cum ar putea vreodata reusi sa gandeasca la nivelele superioare de verde si albastru si sa constientizeze cat de importante sunt in evolutia umana? Asadar concluzia mea e ca problemele cauzale la noi tin de blocajul nostru in nevoile inferioare rosii, si de lipsa educatiei care aduce intelegerea tuturor nevoilor personale si umane care sa ne ajute sa evoluam la autorealizare. Si acum ca eu am incheiat intro, sa trecem la articolul publicat pe si

Pr. Dr. Mihai-Andrei Aldea este o voce cunoscută în lumea ortodoxiei românești. Cleric, dar și istoric, etnolog, scriitor sau editorialist, părintele Aldea s-a remarcat întotdeauna prin tăria cuvântului său, ca un om care nu s-a ferit niciodată să spună ce gândește.  Într-un interviu acordat revistei Atitudini, editată de Mănăstirea Petru-Vodă, părintele Aldea vorbește despre politică, societate, relații internaționale, economie și istorie.

Părintele Aldea despre naționalizarea resurselor

“Suntem chiar atât de lipsiți de discernământ? Statul actual a avut în mână, din ianuarie 1990, toate resursele țării. Toate! (referinta) Ape, pământ, subsol, aer, energie, oameni, cultură, credință, tot, tot, tot! Și a vândut sau a distrus tot! Și voi vreți să dați din nou acestui Stat, acestei clase politice, tot ceea ce a vândut deja cel puțin odată, ca să le vândă iar! Dar nu vedeți că singurele lucruri pe care Statul nu le-a vândut au fost cele din proprietatea oamenilor?
Da, pentru că au urmat exemplul și îndemnul Statului, pentru că au făcut ceea ce Statul i-a învățat și i-a pus să facă. Suntem singurul Stat atât de dement – vă rog să spuneți așa, „dement”, căci asta este demență – încât să își vândă pământul către străini. Și asta este o hoție și o infracțiune și o trădare națională. Constituția interzice colonizarea de populații străine pe teritoriul României, dar ei dau voie la vânzarea imobilelor către străini, ceea ce înseamnă că România poate fi colonizată în voie. Este o lege anticonstituțională, dar nimeni nu a sesizat până astăzi acest lucru. Nici n-am mai spus că Legea Românească – și orice Constituție ar trebui să țină seama de rânduielile noastre străbune – Legea Românească nu dă voie niciodată să se vândă pământ unui străin, sub niciun cuvânt. De fapt și vânzările de acum sunt ilegale, pentru că sunt făcute sub o lege neconstituțională. Și vor fi anulate, aceste vânzări, mai devreme sau mai târziu, iar pământul va redeveni românesc. Într-o Românie demnă niciun cetățean străin și nicio firmă străină nu pot deține proprietăți sau imobile. Pot să le închirieze sau arendeze, dar nu să le dețină.
Oricum, ca să revenim la întrebare, cred că este o greșeală uriașă să se lupte cineva pentru naționalizarea resurselor naționale. Asta înseamnă să le dăm iarăși Statului. Păi un oarecare prim-ministru a vândut resursele platoului continental încă înainte să-l obțină la Haga! Vă dați seama ce fericiți sunt politicienii de asemenea inițiative cetățenești?”
Daca doriti sa cititi mai multe, va invit sa vizitati si insa cel mai importat lucru pe care-l putem face pentru o schimbare reala in bine, e sa incepem sa gandim etic, sa vorbim etic si sa actionam etic. Moralitatea nu tine de religie, nu tine de politica sau de culoarea pielii, sau de nationalitate sau de orice alta categorizare. Tine de logica. exemplu daca albina aduce polen pentru ea, pentru colonie si pentru regina sa, atunci o sa-i fie bine si ei, si coloniei si reginei. La nivelul uman, noi trebuie sa luam exemplul albinelor si stramosilor nostrii care au biruit greutati enorme doar lucrand impreuna si unii pentru altii (ca albinele). Daca vrem si noi sa lucram impreuna pentru binele colectiv, noi prima data trebuie sa ne educam reciproc sa fim morali prin gand-vorba-fapta si sa-i invatam si pe altii din jurul nostru sa fie etici. Daca reusim sa raspandim “Eticalitatea” (invataturi etice + libertatea de a alege daca le urmezi sau nu), sunt sigur ca o sa construim o societate pe masura inteligentei noastre si pe masura mostenirii sangelui Dacic ce curge prin venele noastre. Daca ne vrem tara inapoi de la colonialisti, si daca vrem sa castigam definitiv impotriva raului care ne conduce de atata timp, trebuie sa realizam ca aceasta lupta nu se castiga cu violenta, ci cu intelepciune. Focul nu se stinge cu foc iar impotriva parazitilor care stapanesc mintea, cultura, societatea, pamantul si valorilor Romanesti, nu se poate lupta sustenabil si eficient prin violenta mentala, verbala sau fizica. Aceasta lupta se castiga definitiv prin evolutie etica colectiva. Asadar, Deșteaptă-te, Române! 🙂


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My Top200 RSS info sources for ethical activism and global research

bizarroworldThis post is for all divergent thinkers, critical thinkers, researchers, writers, ethical activists, ‘curious cats’ and pretty much anyone else interested in trying to find out what’s actually going on in this profitdriven Bizarro World we live in…I’m writing this as part of my “how-to” practical tutorial series and it focuses on the Top200 RSS information sources I’m actively using to keep up to date with the global agenda and with local developments in Roumania, Europe and the world. Please note that unless you’re a researcher, you most likely don’t need all of these sources for a “normal” periodical update, therefore feel free to select only the sources you like/require. The reason why I’m using so many sources is because for the last 5 months I’ve been working on/off on an independent (secondary) research project. Since “all the easy problems have already been solved”, I decided to try and compile a map and a report on: Highly Dangerous Global Trends & Risks to humanity. I self-started this personal project in 2014 and my goal was (and is) to:

  1. Analyse public data & media info which may be related to major threats to the well-being of people living on Earth, with a focus on Europe, particularly Roumania and Eastern Europe;
  2. Identify dangerous trends, sort and rank the main threats in the following categories: Environment, Human Society, Economy, Geo-politics and Technology;
  3. Attempt to produce accurate ethical insights which reflect the real truth, and not some profit-driven agenda (e.g. corporate/academic/governmental/private-driven agenda);
  4. Suggest viable ethical solutions using my existing and newly gained knowledge.

Therefore, in the last 5 months I read a fair amount of info from multiple sources (many of them didn’t actually make this list because of their too strong bias), and what you see below is my curated list of balanced-bias information sources. While my self-driven purpose is to find as much factual information as possible about what’s really going on, I’m well aware that the complexity is enormous and I can only cover a tiny percentage. However, based on my progress to date, I think I’m on the right track, so with a bit of luck I’m hoping to publish my first draft with my findings in the next couple of weeks.

Now to get to the “how-to” part, please note that all the web-links below are for an RSS news aggregator. (i.e. Firefox’s Live Bookmarks or Thunderbird or Liferea). For a comparison between the available RSS news aggregators please see this Wiki page. And if you’ve never used RSS feeds, then you may want to see this short tutorial for Thunderbird. (the principle is the same for all aggregators). So why am I using RSS? At first because RSS is the most efficient way to quickly go through 100s of articles per hour, and considering my goal and scope, time is of the essence. For those who are not familiar with news aggregators, please see the RSS benefits listed below (and for more info visit tutorialspoint):

  • Save time by not visiting each site individually.
  • Control the flow and quality of information you receive.
  • View and scan multiple content streams simultaneously.
  • Ensure your privacy by preventing the need to join each site’s e-mail newsletter.
  • Obtain fresh content automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Avoid missing information if you forget to check a certain site.
  • No ads (a well-configured hosts file helps. alt1; alt2).
  • All news sources in one place. For example:

Liferea_ovi So now without further ado, my Top200 RSS info sources for ethical activism and global research are:

==== RSS ROMANIA ====

(all in Roumanian, for English sources just scroll down)

Surse Principale

Mass Media Romania

Economia Romana

==== RSS EUROPE (All in English) ====

EU info sources

==== RSS WORLD ====

Earth and Environment

Essential Sources

Human Rights

Independent Info Sources

Economy and Business

Research Centres

Global Mass Media

Tech and Science

Health and Nutrition

Knowledge and Development

Prepping and Survival

Fun stuff


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Any intelligent fool can make profit..and destroy the planet in the process

Any intelligent fool can make profit. But as Einstein said: “it takes a touch of genius & a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction!” Choose to be a courageous genius! 😉

Pursuing more money and material things than practically necessary is always very satisfying in short term. It’s a personal ‘win’ and makes one feel great in front of the mirror and his/her social circle. Such pursuits and ‘wins’ provide a continuous ego boost in long term and for those who don’t feel/know any better, these wins provide some superficial happiness in a vicious circle. However, regardless of the amount of money one has, if (s)he can’t find happiness in ways that actually matter to the whole of the human being (intellect, physical body, emotions, spirit and consciousness), all the more money, more profit, and the more material things will never ever provide peace and true happiness. -That’s unless one’s a narcissistic psychopath or sociopath which processes emotions through the ego and not the “heart”. In such a case, one is of course the exception, because such an individual (see if you recognise him in the attached image) is easily capable of manipulating and enslaving others through any and all possible means available, just so (s)he can get the much needed personal ‘win’.. Now why do these sick individuals matter?

Because they rule us and the human society. Our world may feel like its ran by C-grade students, but it only seems that way. The chaos, the inequality, the wars and the massacres that are happening in the world are not a coincidence, and they’re definitely not due to our politicians’ incompetence. On the contrary. People are not starving because there isn’t enough food for them or money to feed them…no! They’re starving because feeding them does not make profit. In multiple areas of our planet people are dying of countless trivial causes simply because its not profitable to build hospitals in the areas where they live or to ship first aid kits and qualified personnel there.. Worse of all, wars happen because of the greed of the sociopaths mentioned above which want more ‘wins’ through expansion/domination, and to achieve it they need land and resources. Wars don’t happen because of silly ideologies or the ego of some leader..Good people die in wars because they’ve been “programmed” with some manufactured propaganda that someone (or some nation) is the enemy of some current ideology, and they need to be eradicated though war because they’re a threat. In this process of peace destruction and common eradication, those who manufacture that propaganda and create the plans for expansion, domination and war, make huge profits from it. However, I will stop here with this subject and close the paragraph with one of my favourite quotes on the matter:

I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly convinced that our profit-driven system of thinking/living/working is not just deeply unethical but completely unsustainable and inevitably suicidal. Why do I think so?  I could give many examples to support my statement, but I only have one night to write this and out of the sea of answers, I will pick the electricity scenario:

Do you ever think about the sources of our electricity? Have you ever imagined the path from your light bulb to its real source? Have you tried to follow (with your imagination) the electricity from the light bulb filament through its casing, house wiring, fuse box, building wiring, power meter, street wiring, regional amplification station, high voltage aerial and underground cabling which go all the way to the source power plant? And depending on the power plant, has your imagination reached the actual source of the energy powering your light bulb? If yes, then you already know what I’m talking about. If no, please let me explain:

  • If the source power plant is a hydro-power plant, you would then imagine the force of the water turning massive turbines as it falls from a height which helps the hydro-turbine create the electricity that powers your light bulb. Therefore the real source is gravity, water and a man-made conception which uses water and gravity in an innovative way to create power.
  • If the source power plant is an air farm, you would imagine the force of the air turning those massive wind turbines which in turn create electricity by harvesting one of the elements of nature: wind.
  • If the source power plant is a wave farm, you would imagine the waves of the ocean moving up and down those massive snake-like floating devices which harvest the free energy of the ocean/sea.
  • If the source power plant is a solar farm, you would imagine the heat of the Sun touching an army of solar panels which innovatively transfer that heat into electricity which eventually ends up in your light bulb.

Now fortunately, all of the above mentioned energy sources are sources of CLEAN renewable and sustainable energy, and the real power source is just “one level” beyond the power plant: Nature. Therefore the power plant is harvesting the force of Nature directly to create power for our..light bulbs.

However, due to the desire to make profit at all costs, we unfortunately only use such clean energy in very tiny amounts. As most people know, almost all our electricity is produced with coal, oil-based fuels, gas and worst of all, nuclear energy – all sources which are not just unsustainable but they also damage the environment beyond measure. For example, in nuclear power plants we still use plutonium (Pu) and uranium (U) despite the fact that Thorium is 1000x cleaner and it doesn’t damage the environment for 10000 years like Pu and U. The downside of Thorium is of course that it cannot be weaponized and therefore the powers to be can’t make nuclear bombs with it; so its not used to produce clean nuclear power around the globe.

Therefore knowing this, what we would actually need to imagine as our source of electricity in the power plant is: coal, oil-based fuels, natural gas and radioactive nuclear fuel. And here is the catch: the source of this unsustainable “dirty” electricity is not only “one level” beyond the power plant into Nature. Oh no no, the source is many many levels and layers beyond the power plant. The raw source of the dirty fuel needs to be mined/extracted from the Earth, processed, transported, processed, shipped to the power plant, processed, loaded into containers which eventually ship it to be..burnt into an oven. Just try to imagine all the people and the resources necessary to do all that just to keep a fire burning which lights up your light bulb. So what does this process remind you of? I don’t know about you but this makes me feel like a Neanderthal 2.0 where the only (relevant to the subject) difference between me and v1.0 is that I don’t need to make my own fire in my room because an army of men and countless resources keep it burning somewhere out of my reach so the owners of all that unnecessarily destructive process can charge me for it..


But..but..we’re no Neanderthals, we’re in the XXI century and we also have nuclear power! Well here is the best part about that: the process I described above is countless times more complex in the case of nuclear energy, because apart from the fact that its extraction, manufacturing and handling needs a ridiculously complex process costing a fortune, the “best bit” about it is that it CANNOT be disposed of.  Nuclear fuel (Pu and U) is never “burnt” but “used”, and since we have no way to get rid of it safely, we store it very deep underground until we either run out of deep holes to hide it in, or we’ll have the tech to probably ship it into space/Sun/blackhole, and in that process contaminate/destroy other cosmic bodies not just our planet…

Therefore, would it not be easier, more efficient, more effective, cheaper and also actually ethical, healthier and sustainable (among many other positive things) to just use clean renewable energy from the Sun, wind, water and the Earth? Any person with a functional brain and some common sense would agree that sure it is.. However its not our lack of intelligence, innovation, technology or ….(fill in reason)… that’s stopping us from advancing the human race while also protecting ourselves, our children, future generations AND the planet. The answer is simple: what’s stopping us is…Pxxxxx..take a guess! What’s the 6 character English word which is created by greed and ignorance, and which starts with “P”? 🙂

And this is my nano-short answer to the original statement, provided with help from a bit of imagination, a bit of common sense and the bulb-powered energy journey as an example. Today we pay titanic amounts of money to energy corporations (and we will pay a lot more in the near future even under the pretext of switching to clean energy because for some irrational reason that costs more..), when our electricity could be almost free if not completely free. On the almost free argument I will only point to the plethora of tutorials online on how to create self-sustainable buildings and passive buildings. On the free electricity I will point to Nikola Tesla who wanted to offer free electricity to everyone on this Earth, but his “sponsors” pulled all the funding away from him and destroyed his Tesla towers arguing that “they can’t make profit from free electricity“.

My final conclusion on the matter is that the more we use a profit-oriented model of thinking/living/working, the deeper we are digging ourselves and our children into a very dark future. I am hopeful that we still have a fair chance to spiral out of the circle of destruction which is about to complete yet another cycle; however if we are to stand any chance, we need to do it now and we need to do it together through ethical decentralised collaboration efforts, not by using the existing corrupt models focused on profit. Same thinking produces same results. If we are to think the same way as in the last 100 years, and if we are to do the same thing over & over while expecting different results, then we are by definition…insane and I rest my case.

Almost all of us (hopefully) know that the world needs fixing. While one butterfly is unlikely to be able to fix it in one wing flap, a large amount of ethical individuals can. They can, by contributing with whatever they can think of and whatever they can do, as long as their actions are ethical. In my opinion fixing the world is as simply as willing to do so together: “many many very very small drops of water make an ocean, not a few big fish…

“I see such potential for our species. We could be so much more than we are”…

Takeaways and some homework:

We are consuming all #Life on #Earth and if we don’t stop, we will end up consuming ourselves.. Currently, the global population is cutting down trees faster than they regrow, catching fish faster than the oceans can restock, pumping water from rivers and aquifers faster than rainfall can replenish them and emitting more climate-warming carbon dioxide than oceans and forests can absorb.

Highly recommended reading:

  • 5 Ways To Unf##k The World:

“Here’s the thing: the Earth is not f##ked. The Earth will go on evolving with or without us. In fact, in many ways it is better off without us. No, it’s the human world that’s f##ked. Either we adapt and overcome by making cooperation primary and competition secondary, or we’re f##ked. It really is that simple.

Unf##king the world will not be a walk in the park. It will be a complete upheaval of what we think we know about how human beings are “supposed” to live on this planet. We’ll have to turn the tables on our egos, our so called leaders, and even our loved ones. We’ll have to outgrow being indifferent and get used to being different. We’ll have to awaken and clear outdated, multigenerational patterns that need interrogation and then integration at a higher vibration..Here are five ways to attempt unf##king an otherwise f##ked up world. Without further ado, let the unf##king begin!

1.) Unf##k Yourself…” Read more:

save Earth

PS: this was just a quick post as the thought crossed my mind last night and I wanted to write it over night and share it. However in the next few weeks I will share the comprehensive research I’m working on for the last few months. My independent work includes a map with global threats to humanity from 2015 onwards, some research on sustainability and my proposed practical project management framework (InoviPM) for implementing ethical projects, and maybe even a new sustainable decentralised collaborative economy.. Thanks for reading!


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